EuroPLoP 2004 Focus Group: Handling Crosscutting Concerns with Patterns


Crosscutting concerns like security, transaction and resource management are inherent to software system. Handling them insufficiently leads to instable and not maintainable systems. New approaches like Aspect-Oriented Software Development (AOSD) are designed to cope with cross-cutting concerns. AOSD addresses the following problems when dealing with cross-cutting concerns:

AspectJ modularizes the concern in an aspect and connects the aspect through a point-cut declaration and so-called advices. From a pattern perspective, an aspect-oriented language like AspectJ is designed to resolve forces like modularity, transparence, independent reusability and plug-ability.

Since AspectJ (an AO extension to Java) is the only AO language that is mature enough for the industry yet, its usability is limited for several domains and development languages. Nevertheless we have to address the above mentioned forces with adequate OO designs. We are trying to find the OO patterns that help us solve them.

AOP is one solution to a number of forces. While individual design patterns might only solve some of those, a combination of design patterns might be necessary to solve all forces.


The goal of the focus group is to complete the above mentioned forces and find (existing) design and architectural patterns that address those forces.

Participants should provide short position statements (txt, doc, pdf or included in an email). Possible topics can be but are not restricted to:

We will provide a summary of all position statements for the focus group. We will start a collection and classification of patterns that all address problems leading to or caused by crosscutting concerns. Additionally, by investigating commonalities and differences of pattern solutions it might be possible to identify certain characteristics of these solutions, too.


To participate, please send your short position statement per e-mail to Christa Schwanninger and Egon Wuchner until June 30, 2004.


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